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Enhance Your Company with Advanced Skill Analysis

Discover the powerful ways Everday can add value to your company:

Align Team Skills with
Company Goals.

Visualise your current skill set, identify critical gaps, and develop strategies to bridge them effectively.

Optimise Team Allocation for New Projects.

Leverage internal talent to staff new projects, reducing the need for external hires and maximizing existing resources.

Streamline Internal Mobility and Succession Planning.

Easily identify employees ready for new roles, ensuring smooth transitions and maximizing your team’s potential.

Build a Future-Ready Workforce with Us

Everday supports those shaping the future of skill-based organisations through:

AI-Driven skill mapping


Unlock the potential of your workforce with our AI-driven skill profiling. Empower your organisation with accurate, insightful data that drives strategic decision-making and employee engagement.

Dynamic skill management


Streamline your talent management with dynamic tools that visualize and optimize skills across your organization, keeping your data current and actionable.

Actionable insights


Harness the power of deep, AI-driven insights to understand and enhance performance at both the individual and team levels, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

Skill level validation


Facilitate proactive development with flexible, easy-to-perform assessments that provide a 360-degree view of skills, enhancing personal insights and driving continuous improvement.

Visionaries Already Embracing Everday

Everday guides Leaders toward workforce excellence


"I fully appreciate how this tool helps facilitate internal mobility by identifying and matching people to potential roles as opposed to immediately hiring external talent"

People Development & XP Partner

"Leveraging internal talent is logical. Social learning is crucial—it engages, saves costs, and boosts performance. That's why I like the idea of Everday"

Head of People & Talent Development

“I envision pathways being created in this tool for people, giving them the opportunity to see the direction they’re heading”

Transform skill management with actionable insights

Rapid technological advancements are compelling companies to equip their teams with the latest skills to remain competitive. Here's why immediate action is essential:

Growing Skills Gap
As new technologies emerge, 1 billion employees will need to reskill by 2030. This presents a significant challenge for workforce readiness.
Demand of New Skills
By 2025, 85 million jobs could be displaced due to the evolving interplay between humans and machines. Preparing your team with the right skills is crucial to mitigate this disruption.
Shortened Skills Lifespan
The half-life of skills has dramatically decreased from 10–15 years to just 2.5 years. Continuous learning and development are now more important than ever.

Revolutionise your workforce with Everday

Empower your organisation by aligning current skills with future needs. Everday provides dynamic visualisation and strategic alignment to keep you ahead.

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